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Real Estate Company of the Year

The Most Prestigious Housing Awards In Africa.

Real Estate Company of the Year

This poll has ended (since 8 months).

Voting: Real Estate Company Of The Year

Cosgrove investment Ltd
60,789 Votes
Modern Shelter Ltd
47,248 Votes
10,993 Votes
Urban Shelter Ltd
1,573 Votes
Brain and Hammers Ltd
335 Votes
317 Votes
Mshel Ltd
201 Votes
Federal Housing Authority
139 Votes
Bilaad Real Estate
74 Votes
Affordable Housing Company
68 Votes
Leisure Court
49 Votes
Mixta Africa
49 Votes
Palton Morgan
48 Votes
Sujimoto Company Ltd
46 Votes
Copen Group
39 Votes